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    sitepostslast updatedescription
    5thcinema.motd.org52014-08-29Streaming Films, Supporting Filmmakers
    fcmath.motd.org63372014-08-29Open to the public and all ages – students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to
    schizoidman.motd.org22014-08-27I did not take this photo of Times Square, and I don't know who did.
    vlick.motd.org182014-08-20Esta é uma frase inteligente para o subtítulo de um blog pessoal
    holdengoldmund.motd.org52014-08-19imagined blues
    dotninja.motd.org32014-08-18Wanderings & Lessons From the Internet
    grapevine.motd.org122014-08-17messages of the day / the grapevine social club
    dailynews.motd.org42014-08-16News Discussion and Opinions by all
    sparcipx.motd.org322014-08-13Adventures in Retrocomputing
    lantzlangtech.motd.org32014-08-10Information Technology and Language Learning
    radiodelta.motd.org22014-08-09radiodelta on air 7x24
    atomickobold.motd.org1192014-08-04"If it's not 'Atomic', you're not trying hard enough!&q
    mphamilton.motd.org342014-07-29Michael P. Hamilton's Personal wordpress site
    knasalfa.motd.org72014-07-22Instead of compute
    kandk.motd.org482014-07-16Sometimes even the Beholder needs a 12 step program.
    higs.motd.org442014-07-16Exploring the fringe on the edge of a continent
    marshal.motd.org72014-07-15Marshal's musings about life, liberty, and the pursuit of whatever.
    theophilus.motd.org52014-07-13Meditations on God, man, and their relation
    mcornick.motd.org72014-07-04because it seemed like a good idea at the time
    melanie.motd.org1002014-06-25a blog by e & m
    wjch.motd.org62014-06-21Sixth Sense
    newfs.motd.org232014-06-20newfs is the ufs creator
    navigium.motd.org92014-06-08Nothing here, really....
    hercorama.motd.org1332014-06-06???????? ??? ?? ????????? ?????????
    bcokerworks.motd.org152014-06-01I farm ze bacterias.
    saxicola.motd.org112014-05-28A Saxicola is a bird, is a chat, is a blog.
    atomix.motd.org22014-05-26Javascript clone of katomic
    saab99.motd.org922014-05-24The restoration of a 1977 SAAB 99 GL 5DR WagonBack
    jjh.motd.org22014-05-23Just another WordPress weblog
    damagereport.motd.org12014-05-21Internet Home To The Damage Report Zine
    retro.motd.org392014-05-17Studying new and old technology
    terminalv0rtex.motd.org12014-05-08Hosted with
    ihavesomuchrage.motd.org62014-04-26I used to have more, but I've mellowed some
    yolyestilistas.motd.org22014-04-10Plaza Bonita, Guadalajara Jalisco.
    letslipthemask.motd.org122014-04-07promoting synergy.
    bubblefree.motd.org412014-04-06Dr. Apollo's Floaty Pen?????????? / ?????????? Collection?
    bardsgrove.motd.org152014-03-13Exploring a heritage of music making and story-telling
    seamile.motd.org252014-03-10I am a free code.
    shopiere.motd.org12014-03-03Not in the business of belonging
    hvca.motd.org27892014-02-24Communicate, Connect, and Collaborate
    morocco.motd.org12014-02-20Leaving EVERYTHING and going to Morocco
    bitacora.motd.org1202014-02-17terminal del mal.
    summa.motd.org762014-02-16A facility for quotation covers the absence of original thought.—Lord Peter Wims
    kernelspace.motd.org22014-02-09.. typesafety can't help you now
    uplink.motd.org552014-01-23Root'???? ??????? ?? ?????
    node.motd.org52013-12-12the monkey's out of the bottle, pandora doesn't go back in the box man
    ddk.motd.org22013-11-30Adventures of a Go Hobbyist
    worldroute.motd.org42013-11-01Contacto Copyrigth
    sanjur0.motd.org42013-09-30by Jon Crowley
    piecedtogether.motd.org32013-09-25A combination of concepts
    clubalianza.motd.org52013-09-10Jasakom Copyrigth.
    marjin.motd.org52013-08-31Welcome to my motd
    sunlightrealms.motd.org12013-08-23Where The Community Shines
    kingston.motd.org432013-08-08Open-source enthusiasts in Kingston, Ontario
    woodsbysteve.motd.org12013-07-08Wood projects over the years
    teufelswelt.motd.org22013-07-08My rant site
    opinminded.motd.org12013-06-27You've got to keep an open mind
    fixedwidth.motd.org72013-06-25Someday I'll remove the Google Reader share link.
    finisterra.motd.org122013-06-24Here Be Dragons
    nybbles.motd.org02013-06-06Escape to the Wild
    originalrebel.motd.org182013-06-02Ave Lamia
    rockbottom.motd.org152013-06-01Things can only get better now that you've reached Rock Bottom...
    addegg.motd.org42013-05-22add egg
    anomity.motd.org12013-05-13a freedom that brings you into Anonymity
    nofixedpoint.motd.org752013-05-06Dedicated to wandering
    sudo.motd.org22013-04-13sudo apt-get install me psbifress site
    epht22.motd.org42013-04-06A Wordpress site in which I learn to make a Wordpress site.
    chinanews.motd.org22013-03-02Tech news, from the east side
    pansgrove.motd.org42013-02-17Polytheism, Animism, and Magic
    ehackersportal.motd.org22013-02-17Feel Secure With Us
    ehackers.motd.org32013-02-14Feel Secure with Us
    mrwatson.motd.org312013-02-13one little Guinea Pig
    scholarist.motd.org4762013-01-25A linky diary
    varadarajan.motd.org42012-09-14To Know
    varada.motd.org32012-09-11Know The Way
    bitbook.motd.org162012-09-03book it bit by bit
    bogota.motd.org22012-09-03Strona Prywatna
    creatures.motd.org62012-08-24OK, maybe not EVERY DAY...
    console.motd.org12012-08-20Kludging a symphony in C.
    lopshop.motd.org172012-08-01Lop Bunny Products
    jicart.motd.org32012-06-30??????????????JIC - ?????????
    silvaranch.motd.org12012-06-23Rocksprings, Edwards County Texas
    kollocc.motd.org22012-06-15Every day,Every Sun is new.
    subop.motd.org02012-06-08news, journal, whatever
    kgj.motd.org32012-06-06Computing Science, Psychology, History, Mathematics, Biology
    wartwut.motd.org32012-05-27PEM's Enhanced Memories
    drunkenmonkey.motd.org62012-05-19A place for my random drunken rants.
    macprohawaii.motd.org22012-05-06The latest charts of the week.... music videos and more!
    takpylko.motd.org542012-04-27A record
    kliu.motd.org32012-04-19Musings about living, truth, philosophy, and technology
    kingz14.motd.org32012-03-24Hi and Welcome
    andbsd.motd.org42012-03-11This site is about porting NetBSD on Android System
    xuu.motd.org132012-03-09The Exotic and Surreal
    rtfm.motd.org632012-02-21Yet Another OpenBSD Blog
    jlhamilt.motd.org72012-02-15Becoming a programmer
    irl.motd.org122012-02-10The blog of a computing science student
    p9home.motd.org32012-01-31Using Plan 9 at home - Experiences and Guides
    unmerged.motd.org22012-01-21linguistics, technology, music
    hcpunk.motd.org32012-01-03A Weblog About Punk Music
    impossible.motd.org42011-11-28"Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."
    occulol.motd.org52011-11-23The lighter side of Occupy Wall Street
    deinemudda.motd.org32011-08-16... schwitzt beim Kacken!
    neonovan.motd.org52011-08-14A Genuine Site-Blog From Nopan Rahardi
    ranger92.motd.org22011-06-10Just another WordPress site
    anthonyg.motd.org32011-04-29Thoughts, Musings, Ramblings, and Geeky Stuff
    margins.motd.org42011-04-07This site is REALLY where it's at
    mekon.motd.org4362011-03-28A linky diarist
    trap.motd.org32011-01-16Tips, tricks and traps
    pemryan.motd.org22010-12-22pem's enhanced memories
    novusmode.motd.org32010-07-25Yet another free wordpress site
    anchorspark.motd.org22010-07-25Rablings, with occasional insight.
    peug.motd.org22010-07-25Portuguese Emacs User Group / Grupo Português de Utilizadores de Emacs
    simplifyprimes.motd.org22010-07-25Insert Intentions Here.
    bindshell.motd.org22010-07-25Bind.Shell MOTD
    bigchong.motd.org22010-07-25All about BigChong
    xcedz.motd.org22010-07-25????????? bsd???????
    botvablog.motd.org22010-07-25???? ???? ?? ????????, ??? ????????
    betch.motd.org22010-07-25... dance break ...
    smj.motd.org102010-06-22All Bore cashes in on your fears
    straydog.motd.org12010-06-18openbsd vim minimalism git
    jetpak64.motd.org02010-06-18delete me
    adolfoluque.motd.org12010-06-18Mi blog para decir y recordar
    leapfrog.motd.org822010-03-02Ravings of a keyboard cowboy
    ecelis.motd.org12009-11-04Otro sitio web creado con WordPress
    papa.motd.org22009-10-30Just another WordPress weblog
    hangdog.motd.org222009-10-09In My Honest Opinion
    aslan.motd.org112009-03-18searching for life beyond the blinders
    rateekm.motd.org112009-02-11Just another MOTD weblog
    zaylea.motd.org12008-09-23Python and other stuff.
    hermetic.motd.org62008-04-21Digital Transmissions From An Analog World.
    angelo.motd.org292008-03-04A site dedicated to classic D&D and fantasy role playing and gaming.
    tholmes.motd.org102008-01-27Well, I'm boring, but what the hell... Robotech was cool.
    asahi.motd.org192007-03-29it takes a lot of parts to make a whole
    mikes.motd.org02007-03-22human after all.
    yargo.motd.org22007-03-07Just another WordPress weblog
    azmaveth.motd.org22007-03-06Rants & Ramblings
    khansen.motd.org12007-02-19Just another WordPress weblog
    epw.motd.org22007-02-14Just another WordPress weblog

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